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Mason, OH


I imagine I began my love for art when I was first able to hold a crayon in my chubby little toddler hand. From then on, it began a life-long exploration of every color in that box .

I hail from Evansville, Ind. and currently reside in Mason, Ohio, having spent 30 yrs. in Cincinnati in between. I received my degree in Fine Art from Indiana University, Bloomington, majoring in graphic design and also with a concentration in painting. I was an artist for the school newspaper which usually called for a cartoon and I occasionally gravitate back towards a cartoon style even now.

After graduation, I worked at various jobs while also selling paintings along the way. The jobs ranged from an ad agency to the airlines to a live children's TV show, where I would invent daily art projects that the host would show the children how to make - most memorably - one from a toilet paper tube!

Since raising my children, I've gotten back into the 'art game' with renewed interest. For several years my paintings have been in exhibits in the Cincinnati tri-state area. My art is selling in stores as well as to individuals nationally and internationally - from Montreal to Singapore. In the past few years, I've also been exploring the world of internet selling, which has been definitely unique!

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I shall continue to use my active imagination and transfer that energy onto the canvas - thanks for visiting!


Fountain Square Cincinnati Ohio by Diane Pape


Eden Park Gazebo Cincinnati Ohio by Diane Pape


Greetings from Cincinnati Ohio by Diane Pape


Lebanon Ohio by Diane Pape


Loveland Ohio by Diane Pape


Greetings from Eden Park Cincinnati Ohio by Diane Pape


Mt Adams - Cincinnati Ohio by Diane Pape


Eden Park Cincinnati Ohio by Diane Pape


Cardinals in an Apple Tree by Diane Pape


Oceans of Color by Diane Pape


Regatta by Diane Pape


Moonlight Sail by Diane Pape


Girlfriends by Diane Pape


Romantic Reflection by Diane Pape


Southernmost House Key West Florida by Diane Pape


Roosevelt Blvd Beach Key West Fla by Diane Pape


Jazz Cat by Diane Pape


Plaid Wine by Diane Pape


European Wine by Diane Pape


Chateau Wine by Diane Pape


Hyde Park Square - Cincinnati Ohio by Diane Pape


Girls Night Out by Diane Pape


Fifi's Night Out by Diane Pape


OSU Tailgating Dog by Diane Pape


Little Sweet Pea by Diane Pape